Preparing for Copenhagen fashion week #MYroccamore, style 2!

With the launch of the new roccamore autumn/winter on August 6 during Copenhagen Fashion Week, there will be even more delicious designs to choose from. This means that my list of roccamore shoes to get will become longer. And I think this is the perfect occasion to share # MYroccamore wish list with you. My second must get is the Vanessa from the upcoming collection.If you haven’t read the blog post about the woman who gave her name to the Vanessa, then check it out! Reading about Vanessa only made me want a pair of her shoes more. I loved this shoe before it was named (I even threw my name in the bid when it had to be named). Like the Evaline, the Vanessa has a timeless design, but it also has a small detail. There’s a strap going across the toes creating a peep toe effect, which gives this shoe a discrete but effective sexy touch. Remember you are invited to join our party! Click here to participate.

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