5 quick one to Renate, the youngest roccamore girl

Name: Renate Ceipiniece Age: 22 Nationality: Latvian   feb25_large   1. Favorite brands and why? I don’t really have favourites, I usually have a favourite product of the moment. As a nail polish fan, right now I really like Sephora’s formula X, as for a big surprise to me it dries in seconds. It saves a lot of mess for me, as I just can’t keep calm in the meantime. I also love the MaxFactor Lipfinity, as it is probably the only lipstick I will ever enjoy wearing. I can’t stand the mess and constant checkups, and other tinted markers just haven’t really got me excited. Haha, someone is really into makeup.. ;D 2. What can you not live without? I think I could learn to live without a lot of things, but I would probably go crazy without a laptop, phone and internet connection, without having chance to contact my family back home. I would also get lost most of the time without navigation. 3. What do you like most about yourself? I love my hair, and I have probably had more changes of my hairstyles than I have had socks in my lifetime. I think my hair shows my personality, and people can tell the level of “sweet - to - crazy” I am that day by the hairstyle I have. I have way too much of it, but I still tear up if I see a lot of it in the drain or hair brush. 4. What is the most crazy/stupid you have done? Unfortunately, I tend to overthink the consequences, so I don’t jump in too much adventures, but that’s one thing on my wish list to change and I am still young enough. I think leaving home just out of highschool, without any experience, to a whole new country is still an adventure I’m getting over. 5. Describe yourself with 1 sentence. I am an enthusiastic person, a rough gemstone that will definitely aim for a shine.


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