Dear Helle - a blog to the Danish Prime Minister

Thorough a busy day in the office, we take a coffee break to read about the newest fashion trends or daily events. But today, we could say we got lucky with a great dose of laugh, while reading about the unfortunate march down the steps of Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt in Paris. jan12_large

Thierry Chesnot/Getty Images

Okay, okay, we know we should not laugh, but you probably too get a little giggle, whenever someone famous has an accidental trip or slip…


Thierry Chesnot/Getty Images

Just a moment later, our mimics got serious again, because we remembered all those embarrassing moments, when we were rocking those damn beautiful, sky high heels we got at a steal, but just seconds later hugging the ground on all fours. Of course, with the slight difference that the news reporters forgot to attend the important event of our clumsiness, and didn’t capture it for the whole world to see.

Then we remembered, hey, we make comfortable high heels, we are in the front lines of battle against such accidents, just waiting around the corner to attack us in the most inconvenient moments. It is our goal to make roccamore to be the one pair that will actually make us look more beautiful, not embarrassing. 

And to dear Helle, we really hope you are okay after the fall, so please accept our sympathies, as we know how you feel. We also want to make sure, you are among the first ones to receive the great gift of roccamore’s to ensure this never has to happen again. Please feel free to contact us for a pair off roccamore heels.

Wishing you all great day and no falls,