Delay, roccamore and updates!:)

Hallo girls, we can understand that some of you find it strange, why we have time for events and making updates while the shoes have been so delayed. And to clarify: We update frequently to show you we are here, we thought it would be worse if you didn't hear anything. Regarding the tryout events, we have been asked to have these. And even asked to have more. We have tried our best since The Kickstarter campaign to keep you updated and tell you what's going. When we started this project, we knew there could be delays and bumps in the road. We had a dream, we asked people about it, and we love you supported it. But we never hid the fact that the soles had to be developed and that the shoes had to be produced after our Kickstarter Campaign. Obviously we could not make the shoes before we know the form of the developed insole. And yes it took some extra months to make sure it was perfect. On top of that, we decided to change factory due to the quality on the first was simply not good enough. It was quite risky, and maybe most of you would not have cared about lesser quality. But we do! We could probably have skipped some fences, got some cheaper material from China or skipped 2 or 3 tests rounds. But our dream was to have thousands or girls dancing in our shoes. So mediocre was just not good enough! We are not some scam artists, trying to steal your money. We are start-up people who had a dream to develop and create a comfortable high heeled shoes. We are not getting paid from roccamore or milking the business but have both jobs on the side so we can survive without salary for years. All our events was fully sponsored. The factory has informed us, that we get the first batch of shoes next week, then they will shipped to our storage and logistic in Kolding, Denmark, where we will send it out. Thank you for your patience and understanding! Kind regards   Frederikke & Line 11428026_10153242300475860_1525598017206535837_n_large

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