The Power of High Heels

There have been many debates about business women in high heels, and how they use this to enhance their power and there’s no doubt that high heels gives women a sexy look – which stir up the debate on whether women have to be sexy to become powerful. When looking beyond the gender issue, I see many different reasons why lots of business women wear high heels every day.

So what is so special about high heels? They don’t just give you a great posture, but they also give you an extra confidence boost –  for me the extra height is indeed a great pleasure, as I can see much more of the world – or so it seems, as I’m only 1.68m tall from head to toe. I mostly, choose to wear high heels for my own sake. Personally, I feel much more secure of myself and somehow the heels make me feel more comfortable when performing for a bigger crowd or even just a few colleagues. To me high heels are all about that power you get when putting them on.

Did you ever wonder why high heels always make you feel more powerful and boost your confidence a bit?


I’ve been discussing this issue with some of my business friends. And when you work in the business industry it seems like it’s very common to wear high heels every day. Doing this, my friends say; they feel more equal and acknowledged among their male colleagues, just like they are more at the same level. This might be the main explanation to why so many of my friends (and most likely a lot of other women) choose to put on a pair of high heels every morning.

But I wonder why is it that these women get more credit and recognition when wearing high heels. Why can’t they not just put on a pair of flat boots or fashionable sneaks - or any other comfortable shoes without heels?


There’s no easy explanation, but every friend of mine working in a business environment all agree that heels gives you an advantage compared to wearing no heels. It’s clear to me that wearing high heel is just a part of a woman’s business attire – it’s most desirable to be acknowledged as a powerful and significant woman. In my opinion; those high heels just give a little something extra! I believe that you can be even more respected among your colleagues as you appear more powerful in your heels!

But of cause, it’s not all about recognition – it’s much more!

I think that your choice of shoes could in some cases affect your performance, as I believe high heels will give you a more graceful posture which you most likely would benefit from by getting a more powerful and confident look. 

Therefore, I believe; always wear your high heels when you want to enhance your power – don’t you?