Shoe-love by roccamore Dr. Joanne Delia

I believe beauty is a virtue and a primordial value which effects us unconsciously whether we chose to believe it or not! And I don't mean beauty in the California beach babe or the Parisian pale waif sort of way... I mean it in the proud to be a beautiful individual inside and outside sort of way! Shoes are my fashion focal point... My take off element when choosing an outfit... My physical aid when i need subconscious elevation of my mood. I feel naked without a proud pair of heels! I meditate about my dream pair when I'm coaxing myself to sleep. nov5_large   I am a woman, a Medical doctor, and a mother and I have chosen to dedicate my career to helping enhance what makes my clients feel gorgeous and to help them in their quest to seek and embrace confidence... When I need prepping, I strive to look good, and I try to carry that through from hair to heel! And when you look like you ooze confidence, it rubs off on your clients... I am highly opinionated and live voicing my concerns, beliefs, likes and dislikes and love nothing better than to be surrounded by happy, confident people! I am a curious individual who is always open to learn and discover new things and who strives to share them with others! I look forward to discover The roccamore universe... May it take me to new heights! nov51_large