Shoe love is true love!

"Friends are like shoes, some loose some tight, some fit just right, they help you as you walk through life. Thanks for being my size!" feb162_large Don’t we all have a pair (or two, or three) of heels that we just LOVE? You might even have your entire closet full of high heels and other lovely shoes that you simply adore – So why do we love those shoes so much, why do so many women - including myself - get addicted to shoes? Shoes are not only a necessity that you need to wear. To me shoes and especially high heels are something I love to wear, as they give me confidence and a great posture :-) I think your choice of shoes can tell which mood you’re in, reflect your personality or even set the scene for the outfit you’re wearing – as I believe shoes always add the final touch to your look! feb163_large I have a pair of shoes for every occasion and I easily fall in love with new ones – But when is it true love? It can be quite hard to find true love – for me the shoes have to fulfill certain requirements; they have to be fashionable, feminine and fit perfectly :-) I must admit that I once or twice had bought a pair of heels just because they looked so fabulous – and even though they wasn’t that comfortable to walk in, I just had to have them – because I was totally head over heels in love with them :-) But now I’ve learned from my mistakes; No more shoe shopping only judging them by the design and look. feb164_large

Cinderella sure had her perfect pairs

To me true shoe love is when you find the perfect combination of a beautiful and fashionable design on the outside, and at the same time the shoe is providing a very comfortable support for your feet – This is most definitely a win-win situation and a great foundation for true shoe love. Why are you in love with shoes?

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