The Ultimate roccamore test - stand up to a whole reception!

Today Frederikke and Renate went to our warehouse in Kolding to pack and send more than 300 pairs of Eveline shoes out! Even if more than 700 still are missing their shoes, and we are very sorry for that and yet grateful for the many exceptional supportive emails, we have received. It was still a very nice feeling knowing that a lot of girls will soon receive Miss Eveline. And while you are waiting, a little story for the real world!:) screen_shot_2015-06-23_at_22-50-29_large Are these ladies actually comfortable? When Frederikke visited me for two weeks ago, she brought some sample of Eveline with her, and I grabbed a pair in size 37. To the story is, that I found out last year, that I had disintegrated my ligament in both ankles; a mix of twisting my ankles in high heels many times, and are pretty tough running year, so I was told to have 2 surgeries on each ankle. Since I was 14, I have been wearing 8-12 cm heels almost constantly, and for many years I even got pain walking in flats because my calf muscles were used to the stretch heels gives. I was used to taking my car to everything. So to look into two x two quite extensive surgeries, where I lost running, walking, biking, and my heels were exceptional depressing. screen_shot_2015-06-23_at_22-53-52_large After the first surgery, and my choice of "shoes" slippers or a plastic bag! screen_shot_2015-06-23_at_22-54-22_large Auch!:( I had the first surgery just before we launched our roccamore Kickstarter campaign, and no one in the world was more excited about getting comfortable high heels shoes than I was. What in all fairness also was a very big drive for me. In January, I had my second surgery on the left ankle, and I wore cast and crutches for six weeks, and then 4 weeks with the Boot, and before Frederikke came here to Malta, I have not even been wearing wedge sneakers since the surgery. screen_shot_2015-06-23_at_22-52-09_large After the second surgery, not allowed to have any support on the foot at all, stuck in bed! Artwork made my son!:) screen_shot_2015-06-23_at_23-07-31_large Hard work and training to come back. So it was with excitement and nervosity I tried the Evaline shoes for the first time. And I love them! They were exactly as soft as I imagine, and I decide to wear them for our tryout event here in Malta. And they very comfy, but I have to admit, at the end of the evening my ankle was swollen, and I had to sit down. Because my ankle was not use to use heels anymore! screen_shot_2015-06-23_at_22-50-10_large Training wearing heels again!:) Now two weeks after, and I have been training my ankle to get used to wearing heels again, I decided to wear them to a reception party. An event, you know you have to stand up! Mingle and talk to people, balancing a drink, finger food and a bag standing up!!! And to really put the shoes to my test, I decided to walk to and from the event - 10 minutes each way. It doesn't sound off a lot, but anyone who has ever been in Malta knows the road are a killer for heels; there are holes, slippery stones and many other challenges for heels! And I still have no ligament in the right ankle! Now I'm home and so happy, content and excited, that I did wear my Eveline for the whole evening, no cheating with flat shoes in the bag, or taking a cab, so I had to write a blog post now, even if have to go up 6am tomorrow! So dear ladies. We are so terribly sorry and annoyed, that you had to wait so long, we can not say that enough. But for what's it's worth, we have together with you, created a nice stylish quality shoe, there can send girls back on heels. Yes, it took longer than planned. But I'm so excited to hear from ALL of your when you receive your shoes. roccamore will obviously not be like a running shoe, but it's AMAZING COMFY high-heeled shoe! 10477877_10153279393025860_7138147080850677371_n_large Back in heels!:) Next year I have to the other ankle, but at least I have a lot of nice roccamore shoes waiting for me:)

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