The one Xmas present for all the men in your life (yes, all!)

The Holiday season is right around the corner aaaaand it’s time for presents again – which sometimes feel like reinventing the wheel. Especially for the men in your life it can be tricky to find that one thing they didn’t know they needed…. 

Meet Jess, founder of Son of A Tailor

He created Son of a Tailor: a Copenhagen-based startup, specializing in made-to-measure T-Shirts. As the first company in the world, Son of a Tailor creates their T-Shirts made especially to customers’ individual measurements. The designs are minimalistic and made in the highest quality materials and a durability that will dramatically increase the lifespan of every product. In short; the perfect, personal and sustainable gift.

For the Artsy typeSon of a Tailor

This guy considers his choices very well. He has lots of time and the need to feel part of the creative process, so he’ll quickly fall in love with this light and custom-fitted T-Shirt in 100% cotton. Every part of a Son Of A Tailor T-Shirt is customizable, so he can choose his favorite style of neckline, sleeves and even pocket stitch.

For the Plant Lover Son Of A Tailor

Seven wears. That’s the average lifespan of a high street garment before it is discarded. Son of a Tailor are on a mission of creating a sustainable understanding of how we should shop our clothes. For the guy with green finger and green beliefs, there is no better gift than the one that doesn’t hurt Mother Earth.

For the Lawyer off duty
Son Of A Tailor

This guy loves when the world can be measured and weighed for a perfect result, so what better than throwing him into the Son of a Tailor’s Ideal Size Algorithm. With this online tool finding the perfect fit is easy. All he needs to do is insert his height, weight, age and shoe size and the creates the exact size for that perfect fit.

For the Relaxed type

This guys just wants to feel the love, so here's when a gift card will come in handy. It even comes with a measuring tape, so you can help him find all those perfect measurements to create a totally personal T-Shirt. On the website, he can also compare his ideal size against the current industry’s generic T-Shirt sizes and see the definite upgrade.

For the Coffee Connoisseur

This guy loves the dark notes and creamy colors of coffee, and he'd love them even more on a T-Shirt. Whether it’s a custom-fitted T-Shirt, Pique Polo or Sweatshirt, stick to the coffee color and you cannot go wrong.


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