10 reasons why high heels make you look amazing

Oh no, it's just one of these grey mornings, and you are getting ready to go to work. For a second you consider wearing your beautiful high heels, but as usual you end up choosing your flat ballerinas. The comfortable high heels from roccamore might make you reconsider, but otherwise here are 10 perfect reasons to keep your high heeled darlings on – every day. 1.  You will look slimmer. Heels definitively add height, helping to give your body a long and lean appearance. 2. Your calf muscles contract and shorten, while your thighs tighten; this makes you look slim but toned. 3. High heels cause a slight curve in your lower back, and tilt your pelvis forward. As a result, your butt lifts and this makes your butt look more shapely and perky and emphasizes femininity by highlighting womanly areas. 4. The arch in your lower back pushes your chest forward and your shoulders back, which improves your posture and makes you more self-confident. 5. Wearing heels also arches your feet, which has an attractive look and an elongating effect. 6. The increased height you gain from wearing high heels gives you the extra centimeters to bring you to eye level with your male colleagues, both literally and figurative . 7. You take shorter strides and move your hips more which draws attention to sex-specific areas of the female gait – Just like with female monkeys - the monkeys with the largest bums gets more attention from the males ;) 8. The clicking sound of the heels on the floor and the pavement gives you the attention you deserve and the sound of a steady and strong pace gives you self-confidence. 9. They train your legs and your butt muscles – as we can tell every time after dancing all night long. 10. They also come in handy when you try to reach the cookies on top of the supermarket shelf ;) roccamore ❤