3 things you didn't know about Leonora Christina Skov

Leonora Christina Skov is a Danish author and literary critic, but she's also the ultimate shoelover and a style icon. She's a woman who inspires us on a daily basis and who we look up to, so clearly, we know a lot about her work and style. But what didn't we know? See: Inside Leonora's Shoe Closet Leonora Christina Skov 1. Sheep love all the way! According to Leonora, sheep are one of the funniest animals ever - they just won her heart with their silliness, the way they act and move. They're cute and fluffy and you just gotta love them! 2. Audrey from Twin Peaks  She's fascinated by Audrey from the series called Twin Peaks. Leonora always aimed to be recognised for other things than beauty and that's why in both, her professional and personal life, she went her own way. In some ways, she could relate to Audrey being so bold and doing her own thing so she loves going back to her. Leonora Christina Skov 3. Indian food Leonora loves Indian food. Good food makes her happy, just like travelling, when she gets to taste the world through food, scents, cultures. Her number one place to go for a delicious dinner is a restaurant called The South Indian. roccamore ♥