9 things you didn’t know about roccamore

roccamore is all about comfort, quality materials and beautiful design - but you ladies already know that! Perhaps there are a few fun facts about us that you still don’t know. Fret not, we are here to tell you all about it! 1. The name “roccamore” is Italian. A lot of people actually think it has something to do with "rock" or "rock n’ roll" (and honestly, we can live with that!) but in reality, it means “a fortress of love.” Close enough to rock n' roll, huh? the rolling stones 2. Every roccamore shoe is named after a strong, inspiring woman. Some of the women behind the shoes are Danish business leaders, others are ladies who have inspired our designer Frederikke on a personal level. comfortable high heels 3. It took Frederikke eternity to pick the exact right heels for our collection. She took a trip to a shoe factory in Italy and was surrounded by four massive walls filled with only heels for a good few hours. It all got even better when the owner went like: "Oh come on, just pick one!" Well, don't you say! roccamore 4. It took two whole years to develop the unique insole that keeps your feet comfortable even high heels. Frederikke’s hard work has paid off though, the heel has recently been scientifically validated to be 44% more comfortable than regular high heels. 5. All the shoes are designed with straps or laces, to make sure they will hold your foot well, unlike the regular pumps. They give more stability for the foot and potentially prevents situations like this! (Let's get real - most likely scenario here is that you would leave the ball with a broken ankle rather than an epic royal wedding and ladies, we can't have that!).

   Fantasy v. Reality

cinderella 6. Frederikke started off her design career in Italy, her husband is Italian, and she speaks fluent Italian as well. Three times yay for Italy! italian wedding 7. The roccamore team is very diverse. We have people from 6 different countries working for our brand - Italy, Brazil, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Latvia and Denmark! We are loving our diversity and how we're learning from each other every day! roccamore team 8. Exactly 306 people came together to support Frederikke’s campaign on Kickstarter in 2014. The campaign was funded 100% and was the financial kick-off to the shoe brand that we are today. 9. The very first shoe that Frederikke designed and produced for roccamore is the now iconic Red Lucy. Red Lucy is the ultimate favourite among roccamore’s lovely customers. designer high heels So the more you know! We hope you got to know us a little more and enjoyed this, a bit different post of ours. Let us know in the comments ♥