Style guide: back to work

Bye summer and hello September! We might not be ready to change the beach sand, oh-so-cheesy sunsets, and cold mojitos for the office desk, but let's do it at least all fresh and in style, shall we? End of summer and early autumn is this season where we can combine our favourite summer pieces with a bit of an autumnal touch. So we picked these versatile looks which combine these elements - from the more casual ones to those which will give you that much needed chic attitude to come back to your work place like the lady who is so ready to take any challenge (or let's pretend so). 1. Fresh & casual Are you still rocking that summer tan? Bright and vibrant colours will complement your sun-kissed skin. Keep your hair a bit messy and get the modern, effortless look. Pair it up with a classic black heel with a detail to add some seriousness to the whole look and you are off to a fresh but classy start! colourful skirt 2. Oh so chic Elegant pleated skirt and a pop of colour on your heels will give you a good base for a daily work look. Keep it simple on top with a white t-shirt and a little neck scarf for a detailed touch. Braided hair out of your face and a mug of coffee will all do it! pastel high heel shoes 3. Boss lady in black Black is indeed a safe colour but it can be easily taken up to a next level. Pick a nice, classic top & bottom combination, but bring on your accessorize game. A statement patent leather belt, massive ring and a bit of sparkle on your shoes will give you the timeless, never boring, boss lady look. leonora christina skov 4. Let's talk business Are you starting your first, post-holidays work day with an important meeting? Get you business game on with a chequered man style suit and combine it with suede boots which will give the whole look a feminine touch and softness. Keep your hair un-done and your make-up to minimal. pernille aalund 5. Edgy with an attitude A bit edgier take on the previous look is this classic slim fit trousers and oversized blazer combination. Combine it with a tight, laced bralette, statement shoes and big sunglasses to balance the look out. red block heel shoe roccamore ♥