Electric Ann: Never be ashamed to show your true colors

Ann-Sophie’s story is about shamelessly shining your light and living life with a passion. Just like her electric blue Roccamores Ann-Sophie is the kind of person that draws attention in every room she enters. Ann-Sophie Gadegaard By day, Ann-Sophie Gadegaard is an e-learning teacher and a student mentor for young adults who are at risk of not getting an education. “I always had this burning desire to help those young people who struggle to get an education. To me it’s unequivocally the most rewarding thing to see my “kids” grow some self-confidence and be able to graduate.” Ann-Sophie’s eyes sparkle when she talks about her students, so there is no doubt she means what she says.

An Indestructible Fighter

All the more tragic is the fact that Ann-Sophie was born with an incurable disease that is slowly impairing her ability to hear. “When I got to the point where I had to give up teaching in class because of my hearing impairment I hit an emotional stone wall. Teaching was my life and I felt like the sickness was slowly stealing everything away from me.” It was a very difficult adjustment for Ann-Sophie to accept her new reality. She now coaches the kids one-on-one as a student mentor and has found a love for her “gadgets,” as she calls the devices that help her hear. “I was always a very social person, and I don’t ever want to change that, but I have to adjust to the fact, that being in large, crowded rooms makes me incredibly tired. I have to make time to recover afterwards.” Roccamore Electric Ann Roccamore Electric Ann

Never Compromise

Ann-Sophie has approached her challenges by demanding to talk to people about it. She wears a badge that tells her surroundings about her impairment. “I really hate to wear this ugly badge, when I’m dressed up. My dream is to find a way to let my surroundings know about my impairment without having to compromise my outfit. I want to make the badge as beautiful as my roccamore ladies.” The sparkle returns to her eyes. No doubt that a vivacious woman like Ann-Sophie Gadegaard can revolutionize welfare technology if she puts her mind to it. We humbly give you our tribute to her: Electric Ann. Danish speakers can get an idea of what it is like to have a hearing impairment like Ann-Sophie’s on leckileaks.dk Electric Ann Roccamore Electric Ann High Heels Roccamore Electric Ann roccamore ?