Heels for every occasion

We're sure you have experienced it as well - the "I have nothing to wear" problem, even though your closet is packed with clothes and shoes. Are we right or are we right? Yeah, we feel you. Here, in roccamore, we believe in timeless style, classic shapes, details which are the game changers and the relationship we create with pieces we love. We're sure all of you have fallen in love with a piece you wanted to wear over and over again with outfits for important business meetings, daily office hours, company Christmas parties, fancy dinners, date nights, family gatherings - all of that. We decided to pick 5 roccamore styles which we believe are so timelessly classic but fun to be worn on a number of such occasions. Here are our stars among styles! 1. Black is the new black You will never go wrong with a pair of classic black heels. Even if you have been busy all day and literally have no time to change your outfits, just pair it up with black heels with an unexpected twist - such as these suede laces. We promise that with these shoes you will be the queen of any office party or femme fatale of your date night! black heels 2. Vibrant and bold Winter is the time of ankle boots - especially when you have errands to run all day and happen to be all over the city. Stylish heel ankle boots will not only keep your feet warm but if you choose ones in a more bold colour, they can be an absolute game changer and no one will believe you that you didn't spend an hour putting that amazing outfit together. vibrant ankle boots 3. Office chic It happens so many times that we go out shopping office wear and find out that lots of the shoe options are just a bit boring and dull and you can get easily lost in all the greyness and styles lacking oomph! Seriously, is there something more chic than a classic heel with a discreet detail? Wear a pair of such heels and you will confidently rock any meeting. black heels 4. Festive fun  Familly celebrations and gatherings are the epitome of fun, joy and chilled atmosphere. Here, you don't have a dress code to match and can feel free to set your creativity free and enjoy yourself. A great choice would be bright or pastel coloured shoes which would lighten up the room the moment you walk into it. Moreover, it's so fun! roccamore shoes 5. Romantic nude Pales and nudes are definitely not the colours privileged to summer time. Winter is a season which plays with grey and white palettes, so why not putting such colours on your feet? Whether it's a cozy winter wedding, baby shower or just a sophisticated afternoon with your girlfriends - white and nudes are your best friends. wedding shoes Have a lovely weekend ladies! roccamore ♥