How to hygge: 5 tips from Denmark

Hygge is a concept natural to Danes, however, if you've never been to Scandinavia, you might wonder what the fuss is about it. Hygge certainly gained a lot of international attention over the past few years. When I moved to Denmark and heard media talking about it, I had actually no idea what hygge was. Two and half years later, I can't imagine the fall/winter season without it anymore. So, what is it all about? Hygge is often translated as "coziness," a time well spent with loved ones, or on your own while sinking in the warmth of your home. It's not just a concept, but a lifestyle which I loved to embrace. There are many ways that you can "hygge", and these are my favourite ones: 1. Cozy soiré with candles Cozy evenings with friends and family are the best way to spend the coldest autumn/winter days. The rain is tapping on your windows, you light up a candle (my absolute favourite is this one) and hang out with people you love. Long chats, dimmed light and good vibes only! hygge 2. Books and a mug filled with goodness I love to treat myself to some down time after a long workday. Reading a book or my favourite magasine while sipping on a mug filled with delicious tea, coffee or hot chocolate is just the best. It's the perfect time just for me and my thoughts. autumn hygge 3. Homemade food There's something special about making your food home - but rather than seeing it as a must-do routine, I like to do it as a treat, especially on weekends. I like to look up new recipes and create a healthy and filling meal. Cooking somehow calms me down and the scent coming from freshly made soup, or a banana bread just taken out of the oven, really gives me a feeling of home. homemade food Read more: October favourites by roccamore 4. A creative day What really calms me and gives my home a cozier atmosphere is when I do something creative indoors, while the weather outside is oh so cold. Drawing, knitting, photo editing - it can be anything you like to do home. I just love doing these hobbies when the world is so cold outside, play some music and have the ultimate indoor hygge. 5. Pamper yourself A part of the concept of hygge is to feel comfortable and relaxed - the feeling I get when I do a pamper evening: put on a face mask, make a bubble bath, use my favourite body scrub and make a spa in my home. I also like to do a meditation session or just play some calming melody from the Calm app.  I think each of us deserves a little spa party every now and then, don't we? What about you? Do you hygge? If yes, what are your tips on how to feel cozy and relaxed? Read more: Block heel trend for Fall / Winter 2017  Jana