Inside Leonora's Shoe Closet

We had the pleasure of visiting author and shoelover, Leonora Christina Skov in her beautiful Frederiksberg apartment. We had a peek into her amazing and colorful shoe closet. As a long time shoe collector Leonora has quite a collection, so we decided to talk about a few selected pairs. Inside Leonora Christina Skov's Shoe Closet

Chie Mihara - Golden Shoes with Dots

They are 5 years old and I bought them brand new on Trendsales. I recently had them resoled. They are so comfortable to wear, and I’ve used them on countless occasions. When my mother died, her funeral and when promoting my book. They work with everything!   

Minna Parikka - Red Shoes with Hearts 

Bought on Trendsales as well. I bought them for 500 DKK, of someone who obviously didn’t know what she was selling ;) They've been my performing shoes. They work amazingly well on TV. They are uncomfortable, so you just need to sit down - But I usually bring another pair of shoes in my bag as well ;) Inside Leonora Christina Skov's Shoe Closet

Roccamore - Red Lucy (old collection)

When I wrote about my blue roccamores on Instagram, one of my high school friends wrote me and said she had these. They were too small for her, and fortunately I happen to be a size 38.5 ;) Roccamore - Red Lucy

Miss L Fire - Carmen Miranda Shoes 

Miss L Fire shoes with Carmen Miranda. I found these online, they were sold out and only available in the US, where you need to pay a high TAX to have them shipped. Luckily I was traveling to the US shortly after. I was lucky enough to use the address of the residency, I was staying at. So when I got there a cold February day, there they were there waiting for me. Inside Leonora Christina Skov's Shoe Closet

Miss L Fire - Blue Glitter shoes 

I bought these last year, and wore them to all my speeches. It’s the kind of shoes that makes people happy when they see it. I believe shoes have the same appeal to people as small dogs, you wear these and everyone feels like petting them or say something nice about them. People fantasize about fairy tales when they see them, and so do I.

Eley Kishimoto - Yellow, Grey and Purple

Another pair from Trendsales. They are shitty to walk in, because the insole is so thin, it feels like walking directly on cobblestones. Despite the lack of comfort I’ve worn them a lot. Yellow is such a good color and very underestimated when it comes to shoes. It goes well with most of my clothes. All the red works so well with the yellow color. They have proven to be quite useful despite the untraditional color combination of yellow and grey. Inside Leonora Christina Skov's Shoe Closet

A TIP from Leonora

Teaterskomageren placed next to the Royal Theater. The best place to go, if you need to have the corners of your bag repaired or have special reparations done on your shoes - such as new heels. This is the place to go! Inside Leonora Christina Skov's Shoe Closet roccamore ❤