What's Your Dream Shoe Design?

Our new block heel collection has been developed with inputs and inspiration from all of you shoelovers. We wanna make high heels that fits your feet perfectly, that you can actually wear and that obviously looks amazing on you ;) And we use your input to do it! We always love to hear your stories and to see your photos of the ladies in action - AND we love to hear your opinion on the shoe designs and get input for future collections.

Designing Together

In June a lot of you helped our designer Frederikke create new designs at the Design Workshop. Frederikke got a lot of new ideas and she has chosen some of her favorite designs as inspiration for upcoming shoe collections. But you might have some favorites yourself, or some new ideas for new colors, heels or designs? So take part in the co-creation and leave a comment with your ideas below ;) All of our ideas combined will inspire perfection ???

Shoelover Designs

Take a look at some of the designs made by your fellow shoelovers. Do you see the perfect shoes among the drawings? Or what's your dream shoe design? Black rockabilly with rivets? Electric Ann with Zippers? Bright Red with Lazes? Shoe Design roccamore ?