Woman Of The Month - Emilia van Hauen

This month's Woman Of The Month is Emilia van Hauen, a cultural sociologist specialising in zeitgeist. She focuses on the modern way of life, current trends and tendencies. We regularly see her in the national media here in Denmark, commenting on today's society. She is also the author of one of our favourite books, the Danish Bestseller "Ladycool", in which she makes an argument for using your feminine energy as your strength. That's why we are very excited that Emilia van Hauen has agreed to name one of our new ‘ladies’. She ended up naming one of our new girls Serafina. We met Emilia for coffee to hear the story behind the name.   roccamore woman of the month Emilia van Hauen  

Meet Emilia van Hauen's Serafina

"Serafina" is a character in a book I read and I must admit I did fall in love with her a bit. She is so cool and kind – and she is a witch! Her power is that she really knows how to use her inherent power,” Emilia explains: “To me there is a wonderful ambiguity in this witch. Traditionally when women have power, people get scared and react by demeaning them, and making them look like they are in the wrong. Serafina stands by who she is and uses her inner strength to resist this. I think there is a lot to learn from that.”

"Shoes are a dream."

We asked Emilia van Hauen, what it is about shoes that make them so intriguing to so many people. Well, according to her, it’s not that simple. “Shoes are really a dream to me, or a vision of an identity. If you want to present yourself as a powerful, no-nonsense kind of person, you wear a pair of biker boots. If you wear stiletto heels, you channel a different kind of power. Stilettos are named after an actual weapon, an Italian narrow bladed knife. Any woman knows that when someone comes at you, you can actually use your stiletto to defend yourself.” She continues:  “And there is the obvious sensual control a pair of heels convey. They physically alter your posture and makes you sway as you walk – you know you are dealing with a woman. In this sense, heels are a sort of ‘rite de passage’. When a girl gets her first pair of heels, it is often connected to other traditional coming of age-rituals like the Lutheran confirmation, at least in Denmark. She is stepping into adulthood. Women today have the freedom to choose, how they want to appear – at least in the western cultures. You can chose to wear flip-flops and convey a casual sensuality or you can chose to wear weapons on you feet and radiate the power that comes with that.” The beauty of the roccamore-collection is that these weapons will no longer hurt the one who wears them. They truly become your ally in an everyday battle. roccamore ♥