Woman Of The Month- Rikke Nørdum Sonne

Meet September's Woman of the Month Rikke Nørdum Sonne- a true everyday diva and the woman behind the sexy Diva Diva shoe. She is a busy business boss, running her companies CPH Promotion and Royalexpress.dk, a mother of two ‘tweenie’ daughters and never afraid to wear a stunning pair of heels.WomRikke01   “My mother divorced my dad when I was a child. He was an old fashioned man, who wouldn’t allow her to work. She didn’t have an education or a career network, so when she left, she had to start completely from scratch – with a kid on her hip! I think that took an enormous amount of courage and persistence and she has passed those traits on to me,” Rikke smiles and adds:
“She always, always told me that I had to able to take care of myself and not rely on anyone else. That has really stuck with me in how I live my life, and I think that is where my entrepreneurial spirit and drive for success comes from.”
Rikke is what has to be characterised as a true entrepreneur. Starting out in the early ‘90s male dominated world of currency trade, she was never one to be intimidated by a challenge working in a ‘mans world’. In 2002, she started her first company Ohbaby.dk, she has been a freelance marketing consultant and she now runs CPH Promotion and Royal Express offering different hotel boutique solutions to high-end hotels in Copenhagen as well as helping tourists who lost their luggage during their travels to Denmark. “I worked in some classic, male dominated trades like finance and building digital strategies and I was actually told on several occasions that I had to tone down my female energy if I wanted to be taken seriously.” So Rikke started wearing pin striped trouser suits and turtleneck sweaters. “One day I looked myself in the mirror and I could not recognise myself. I didn’t feel like me anymore. So I thought to myself ‘That’s it. I’ll show them that I can be all the woman I want to be and have the career I want.’ And that became my personal mission. It’s important to me to show my daughters that it is indeed possible to be taken seriously as a tough businesswoman without looking like a man.” We really got to know another side of Rikke in 2011 when she started her blog Domestic Diva. Here she makes a point of being a girl’s girl talking about fashion, art, the latest internet crazes and much more. A more lighthearted side to the no-nonsense professional businesswoman.
“I think people like to see that it is possible to be a serious businesswoman and a dedicated mother and still have a private life and care about your hobbies. Having a career doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.”
Today Rikke is expanding her business and taking the goods she offers in her boutiques to travellers who have lost their luggage in cooperation with partners like Aviator, CPH Airport and the private hospital Aleris-Hamlet. All while being an available mother to her daughters and always wearing lipstick and a pair of comfortable heels. Rikke lives a true Diva Diva life. Meet the inspired and named by her- Diva Diva shoes.



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