I love shoes - By Line Young Peteri

I love shoes!

So simple, can it be said. And when I tell people they say: “All women do! ”And I always reply: “nono - I REALLY love shoes” When I had most shoes, I had 260 pairs counting everything as sandals and boots to.

Ironically enough, I began collecting on shoes every time a relationship didn't work out for me, and I always joked and said that one could see the impact of how bad the break-up was, depending of how much money or even how many pair I bought. Everything for a pair of flip-flops to 5-6 designer shoes. And in my miserable love life, my wonderful shoes was a constant. When the tv-serie Sex and The City just started, I was laughing and crying with Carrie Bradshaw, when her silver Manolo Blahnik was stolen.

But how can I love shoes? They are just things? And thats where men can be terrible wrong. Shoes is just not things, they are essence of women, nomatter how much weight you gain, or how boring your outfit is, your shoes, can always make you happy and feeling wonderful.

Today I have been married for 8 years and my shoe collection is just 100 shoes, but 100 beautiful, uniquely crafted and designed shoes. And I even had a carpenter to make me a custom made shoe-room, where I daily go down, and watch them, and I love it!

Shoes are my art and passion.


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