Meet Caroline Paris! Blogger, Fashionista and Software Architect!

If you live in Malta and like fashion, it's pretty hard not to have heard about Caroline Paris. She is one of the very visible people in the fashion scene and defy quite a lot of fashion rules, what I personally find very intriguing. Before meeting her, I followed her blog and on Facebook, and it's hard not to like this little Maltese girl with the big smile. When I then realised she was a programmer as well, I was sold! And have been thinking of million way to work with her.  Luckily for me, Frederikke just fell for her as well, and we decided to name one of most special shoes after Caroline. It's tough, feminine and with a strong edge!


Meet Caroline


Caroline Paris


Software Enterprise Architect | Freelance Fashion & Personal Stylist | Fashion Writer & Blogger | Social Media Marketer

Describe yourself with five words:

Passionate, driven, eclectic, curious, enthusiastic

How did you hear about roccamore?

Through facebook well and truly, I started seeing posts about the Kickstarter campaign in my newsfeed and I got curious (I’m always curious about everything and anything) so of course I wanted to know more. I started following the campaign and delving into what the project was all about and got even more interested.

Why did you decide to support roccamore?

The idea that shoes can be both comfortable and beautiful is something women have dreamt about for many years. As a stylist, it is one of the questions I get asked most - where can I buy comfortable shoes that still look good? Sometimes, the person asking wants high heels and then it’s an even more difficult one to answer.


Meet "Caroline"

What do shoes mean to you? I’m quite contradictory, I love to spend my days in sneakers and flats - I like to feel free to run and jump around should I want to. However, for parties, night outs, dinner dates etc I’m all about the highest heels and spectacular shoes.

I’m quite contradictory, I love to spend my days in sneakers and flats - I like to feel free to run and jump around should I want to. However, for parties, night outs, dinner dates etc I’m all about the highest heels and spectacular shoes.

What name did you pick to "your shoe" and why? Caroline because I think the shoe is a lovely embodiment of my character - a mix of sensible logic and creativity.

We know you are a programmer by day, and fashionista by night, do tell?

I’ve always found my character and my interests, in general, to be multidimensional, often with different running threads and lines of thought that sometimes interact but often diverge. I’m a very logical person both in the way I think and in the way I analyse problems but then other times, I’m a completely irrational dreamer who refuses to follow rules. This last part is quite evident in the way I sometimes dress myself but not for instance in the way I dress others.

I’ve always loved ‘computers’, ever since I used the first MAC at about 8 years old. At the same time, I’ve always been obsessed in fashion and I’ve also always wanted to be a writer. Somehow, it seems I’ve ended up doing everything I love which often means long nights and working on weekends, however, because the nature of all these jobs is different, I never feel like my days are boring.I love everything I do and always feel inspired to learn more and do more  all the different areas.


Where are you in 5 years?

2015 so far has been very busy with lots of changes happening!.

I’ve just changed job and am now not a programmer per se but a solutions architect which means more travelling, much more client interaction and more involvement in projects as a whole solution. It is a more dynamic role which should keep my busy mind stimulated.

I’ve recently also completed two courses - a Diploma in Digital Marketing which I feel is a bit of a union of my two specialities and a course in Art Direction at Central St Martins.  I feel that art direction of different campaigns and projects is the natural step for me within the world of fashion and will allow me to fuse my fashion expertise and technical knowledge into creating something special. Digital marketing is something I use on a daily basis for my blog and is also a service I provide to some select clients and foundations in terms of running social media accounts for them.

This year was also the year I was awarded the Fashion Stylist Award for the second time at the Malta Fashion Awards and I was also asked to occupy the position of Vice President for Malta on the Malta Chamber of Fashion.

Another milestone in 2015 was the fact that Google also chose my fashion business to be part of their Growth Engine

So in five years I see myself expanding on all my existing work whilst delving into new areas. I don’t have a 5-year plan but I do have many plans and projects lined up.

Anything else you think we should know about you?

My favourite colours are pink and purple and I’ll always be a child at heart.


We are excited and happy to work with Caroline Paris, and we are humbled and honored that girls like Caroline and all the other amazing women and girls, wanna play with us:)