roccamore design – What inspires Frederikke and you?

I’m a shoe addict – I'll admit it, and I believe that many of you are too! I love all kind of shoes, but I adore high heels – I love shoes in fancy colors, with cute details, cool print and fabrics – and the most important is; comfort! This is why I’m totally in love with the roccamore shoes as I don’t have to make any compromises when it comes to choosing between comfort and cool design. This passion for shoes has made me curious about where the inspiration to the roccamore designs comes from. feb7_large So I asked Frederikke to tell me a little bit about where she gets her inspiration from, and this is her response: "I find my inspiration and ideas to the roccamore designs all around in my everyday life. I’m definitely a detail freak! I often find myself studying a particular detail, a pattern or just a button on other people’s clothes or shoes. But I’ve this bad habit of always looking at people from the bottom up, in this way I get to see their shoes first :-) This is probably the reason why I always remember people by the shoes they’re wearing – I’m like; “Oh, you mean her with the grey sling-back?” Also, I get great inspiration online and I’m a HUGE fan of street style and “ordinary people’s” way of expressing themselves. It’s not hard to look like a million dollars if you’re a rich Hollywood star and have your closet stuffed with free designer clothes – No; the real value is in how "normal" people use their creativity. When designing roccamore shoes I’m very focused on creating designs to our users. The designs are also based on some of their requests and I’m being influenced very much by their response to new ideas and colors." feb71_large We'd love to know what inspires YOU! Shapes? Styles? Art? Culture? Pop-Culture? Etc. etc.