Addictive Andrea to Snoop Concert!

Gitte one of our lovely supporter and mother to Andrea the beautiful girl our "Addictive Andrea" are named after, send me this picture yesterday, and told me she were going to use her Andrea for Snoop concert, this morning she wrote me, that after 10 hours in the boots, her feet was still great!♥ This is why we started this project. Yes eventually we are going to conquer the world, and create a (hopefully) good business, but we started, almost everyone told us, it was not possible. Style and comfort could not be combined, and yes if it could, would big companies not have done it already. All you wonderful ladies have been a part of this journey with Frederikke and myself, yes it took longer than expected, yes there were many child diseases and looked in retrospect there are a lot of things we would do different now. screen_shot_2015-07-25_at_21-49-38_large But we did create that comfy shoe, and soon our shoes we will hit 8 shops+ and Frederikke had made an amazing new collection for your ladies, we will get size 42 as well (as promised, to a lot of ladies) and we continue working on being a brand for YOU the users, we DO take all you feedback very serious, and it have stress us beyond words, to have delayed the delivery for you. But seeing girls like wonderful Gitte with bubbles and a glass of bubbles in her hand wearing our girls, make it worth with all the stress and worry. We love to hear from our customers and users, we make shoes for and to you and with you as our inspiration and motivation. So please send your stories and pictures, so we can follow the girls around!:) Thank you for all the support and feedback!:)