Meet our amazing agent Rikke!

A few days ago I met up with our sales agent Rikke at our Showroom in the heart of Copenhagen – I was very excited to meet this cool woman who is selling roccamore shoes to stores in Denmark – where you will be able to find them soon:-) Roccamore is celebrating strong, interesting and amazing women – and Rikke is one of them! I interviewed her about her passion and what drives her, so you can get to know her better. mar2_large Rikke is CEO at Northern Europe Fashion Company, and she has a long and admiring career within the fashion industry, where she has been working for the past 19 years with major international brands in Scandinavia, Iceland and the Three Baltic nations. Among a few, she has been working with brands like: Dolce & Gabanna, Paul Smith, VERSACE, BIKKEMBERGS, JOHN GALLIANO, DKNY, VALENTINO, CHLOÉ, Jean Paul Gaultier, and GIORGIO ARMANI. The first thing that comes to mind when I met Rikke was; a competent woman within fashion, who knows what she wants and goes for it! Moreover, I get the impression of a woman who is highly driven by her passion for high-quality materials and a good at spotting new trends. mar21_large   During the interview Rikke talks vividly and passionate about her experience in the fashion industry, and explains why she has started her own company; “I’ve always been part of the whole process; I’ve been designing, producing and selling – but now I’ve chosen to focus more on one thing to be exceptionally good at that! With this showroom I’m the connection between the stores and designers, and because of my immense knowledge within the fashion industry I’m able to advice both the designers and stores on how they’ll benefit the most.” mar22_large   With the Nothern Europe Fashion Company Rikke has opened a showroom in the heart of Copenhagen. She has created a place where she can show a perfect combination of mid to high end brands of shoes, leather wear, body wear and outerwear – it has always been her dream to create such a place; a showroom consisting of the right mix of brands both classic brands and new brands with great potential – and in this way create a place where she can inspire her customers. mar23_large Rikke think that the roccamore shoes fits perfectly with her vision of the showroom and this is what she said: “When I first was introduced to roccamore I was happily surprised by the shoes sexy look and I loved the idea about being able to wear heels that will take care of your feet throughout the years when wearing a pair of high heels that lift your arches and the front foot in the right way – this is just amazing!” “Actually I’m quite surprised that no one had come up with this Idea before, but I’m sure that these comfortable heels will have a bright future - Every woman I’ve spoken to can’t stop smiling with the thought of walking in comfortable high heels:-) “ I can’t stop smiling either - can you?

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