Meet Julie – a inspiring women and great roccamore girl

Julie is one of roccamore’s greatest supporters and she is so excited about the comfortable roccamore shoes that she has already bought 4 pairs <3 with the comfortable roccamore heels Julie believes that it’s now possible to wear high heels more often, and let heels become part of her everyday life.

Julie is a strong and cool woman, who has survived breast cancer. She has been sick for six years because she has been struggling with her arm after her cancer treatment – nevertheless, she has fought her way back and now she is slowly starting to work again as a real estate agent :-) It has been a long and hard time, but she finds strength and great inspiration in her family, husband and their 2.5-year-old son. She happily tells me that she met her husband after she got sick and they were so pleased she was allowed to take a break from her cancer treatment while she was expecting their son – it has been one of the best gifts she could imagine, and it’s her greatest accomplishment so far <3 


The main reason Julie is so enthusiastic about the roccamore shoes and wanted to support us was her immense wish for wearing high heels more often and not just for special occasions and dinner parties. She normally wears practical shoes like sneakers, but she would love to replace her sneakers with heels that she can wear daily and still be comfortable. With roccamore’s comfortable heels she has an opportunity to actually wear high heels every day! It’s very appealing to her as she believes that high heels is extremely feminine and gives women a stunning and stylish look – and she really likes the sound of high heels :-) To be able to implement high heels in her life style, she has bought four pairs of roccamore; so she will have a pair for every occasion – with comfortable high heel she can easily wear heels all day to work, going to parties or just at home being a mom and still be feminine! She loves the roccamore shoes beautiful design and the fact that they are comfortable to wear too! If she has to choose a favorite pair of roccamore she chooses Lovely Line as they perfectly reflect and compliment her style which is raw, feminine and colorful.