Meet the women behind the name Miss Boss for our new boots!

When we did our Kickstarter campaign, we decided to have two pledges/rewards, where people could name a shoe, and get the name engraved into the sole. Frederikke was a bit worried about it, what if it was a terrible name or, the person didn't understand the concept? As soon, we contacted Helle, one of the girls who have bought one of the two pledges and we both just fell for her, a kickass women, who have her own business, drive motorbike, looks gorgeous and have great taste in music!:) screen_shot_2015-05-24_at_22-44-14_large Miss Boss - Pony boots We decided to interview her and to introduce the women behind the name Miss Boss. Q: Name: A: Helle Dyrby Q: Occupation: A: I am independent, have an accounting firm (trained accountant) and two beauty parlors (1 in Horsens and 1 in Randers). I make accounting until 13:30 every day, and at the clinic in Horsens from 13:30 pm until there are no more customers. Q: Describe yourself in five words: A: Raw, Positive, Smiling, Energetic, Loyal ( Kickass we may add) 521842_548256388532665_1099156321_n_large Q: How did you hear about roccamore? A: I heard about roccamore via Facebook from one in my network. Q: Why did you decide to support roccamore? A: I decided to support roccamore because I LOVE shoes, especially high heels, and thought they looked "cool", and I just had to test them and are by the way very excited to receive my shoes ... Q: What do shoes mean to you? A: Shoes means everything to me; I'm one of those women who have at least 100 pairs of shoes; there are shoes everywhere in my home. Q: You told us, you wanted the name "Miss Boss" for your shoes, why? A: The name "Miss Boss" is of course because I'm probably the largest and most fanatical Bruce Springsteen fan available, I travel the world to be at his concerts ... Most people who know me know that I am capable of anything to come to his concerts. When he releases a new album, I buy one CD to listen and one to store and one in vinyl ... So of course had to name "my shoes" after "The Boss" and since I am female had it to be "Miss Boss" and then I also independent, so I'm my boss :) Q: We understood you like motorcycles, do tell:) A: I've always been a wild child, and just loves to ride a motorcycle, and feel the wind blowing in my hair, it's a great feeling, and since my younger days I said: That before I reach 50 years should have been around the world on a Harley. If I manage, time will tell, but I do have to get going soon (turning 48 September):) Q: Anything else you think we should know about you? A: I love to cook, and can easily spend several hours in the kitchen to cook a delicious meal also on a weekday, can easily spend a fortune in kitchenware and love Danish furniture design ... 217454_548258918532412_1629958553_n_large Wauh, Helle is exactly the kind of girl, we thought about making shoes for, strong, fierce, independent, enjoying and living life! We hope she will bring her roccamore with her around the world on her Harley! And those pony boots could not, have gotten a better name!:) Thank you so much, Helle, for supporting! ----- The shoes are done mid-June, and then we are starting sending them out! - Thank you all for your patience..