Welcoming our new ladies

Finally! A new collection of beautiful, elegant and, most importantly, comfortable roccamore-heels is ready to meet you and we can’t wait to hear what you think of them.

Roccamore shoes are made for real women who are tired of having sore feet, they are made for YOU! Actually, we test all our shoes on the amazing women around us, who are actually going to wear them, and be comfortable in them all day. So.....

We would love to invite to come meet the new ladies, try them on and give us your feedback June 28 at 16.30-18.30. Frederikke will give you all the details about the design, there will be lots of bubbly and talk of shoes, and most importantly, your feedback will help us live up to our own standards of elegance and comfort. –and of course there will be a cheeky pre-order savings reward for those who come visit us.

The celebration will take place at Rainmaking Loft, Danneskiold-Samsøes Allé 41, 1434 København K. Place is limited so be quick to sign up ;)

A lady needs a name.... from an inspiring woman

We want our shoes to inspire women to feel confident and stronger everyday and we hope the 14 brand new ladies will play, if only a small part, in enabling female professionals to feel elegant and empowered, without having to endure the pain of the standard pair of heels.

Now all that remains before the shoes can go into the stores is their names.....

It's a roccamore tradition to name our shoes after women that inspires us every day. With this collection we want to give you the opportunity of naming a friend or a loved one that you admire or find inspiration in and feel deserve the privilege of naming a shoe.

Tag her on Facebook or in the comments here and tell us why she is amazing..... We can't wait to meet her.

The ladies who get to name shoes will be announced at the party.