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The story behind!

Our insole was invented by Frederikke Antonie Schmidt, a Danish shoe designer, who was very frustrated with always having to choose between comfort and design. Together with an orthopedic shoemaker, she decided to design and develop an insole that would shape the foot to walk as anatomically correct as possible in high heels. And roccamore was born.
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The secret behind the comfort

Roccamore comfortable heels have been validated by scientific research to relieve 26% of pressure from your forefoot, as well as 44% from your foot’s arch while walking. M.D. Jeannette Penny from Clinical Orthopaedic Research Hospital of Hvidovre tested roccamore heels against both regular stilettos and sneakers – and found the results astonishing!
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You can wear our heels longer!

"The orthopaedic stilettos are built with support in the cheek and a small pillow that pushes under the forehead to make a larger contact area throughout the foot, thus distributing its weight and relieving pressure on the forefoot" explains Jeannette Østergaard Penny from Hvidovre Hospital's Orthopedic Surgery Department.
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