Why roccamore is very important to me - a post by Line Peteri

Hello, I'm Line and I'm the co-owner of roccamore, happily married to a Swedish-Finnish man with two wonderful kids, 2 and 4 years old.

When I started working with roccamore, I have to admit, I loved the idea, but I wasn't really ready to replace all my designer shoes with roccamore shoes, because for me comfort has always come second, after design. However, I was very intrigued by the idea.


Last year I discovered that I have Thyroid cancer and unfortunately, when the 2 tumors inside my thyroids were found, they had already spread outside to a 3rd tumor outside. To prepare myself as well as I could, for radiations and treatments, I started running, and I loved it - I felt like I actually gave myself a better chance to fight this.

Right before the first radiation in February 2014, I did my first half-marathon. I didn't arrive at a very impressive time, but I couldn't care less, I did it to prove to myself that I can do anything, I set my mind on! Already the next day, after radiation therapy, I could run 7.5 km. Even though my body was drained from energy in my mind, I felt strong and fierce.

Later on, I noticed that I got my ankle twisted very easily, so I had to be extra careful when running downhill. In June 2014, one of my friends challenged me to the June100miles, and it was one of my happiest running months, I felt stronger than ever and ready to beat everything and anything. But, my ankles had become very sore, and I finally went to see a doctor, who then told me that not only did I have infection in both ankles, but my ligaments were completely gone! He told me, that it would take at least 2 surgeries for each ankle to fix them and that I would have to take a break from running of at least 6-8 months.


My doctor also told me that the damage wasn't caused by the running (even if it had made it more painful), but actually came from me twisting my ankles again and again when wearing shoes that were too high, in my younger days. But, I simply ignored the fact then, so now my ligaments are completely disintegrated.


Funny enough, when I think about it - I had no idea about my ankle problems or the cancer, when I started working with roccamore. It almost seems now, like a strange coincidence that all of this happened exactly at the same time as we launched roccamore. I think it is obvious by now that these events in my life have made me more passionate about comfort, support and in general, taking better care of myself, now more than ever.


Roccamore might not change your life, like it has changed mine - but no matter what, the important lesson learned is that you should never wait for the bad things to happen, before you take action and, become more self-aware and start taking better care of yourself. And always follow your dreams no matter what life throws at you.

I'm one of the lucky ones, been able to work with things I love.

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