We have expanded our production to Portugal

The sneakerboot factory

Our sneakerboots are handmade in Portugal at a factory outside Porto, where Vinho Verde and Port wine is produced. 

We chose to work with this factory because they are experts in making sneakers and shoes with rubber soles. Today, the factory is run by Anibal Coelho and his two sons Marco and André Coelho.

Marco is a visionary who works from a desire to create a modern factory. His approach to production attracts the best in the business.

The family has invested in the latest technology in production and the modern facilities help ensure that we can provide you with the best product. Production is optimized while minimizing the use of electricity. 

Much of the work is manual and high precision and craftsmanship is important, the shoes are sewn by seamstresses at the factory. 

The factory is BSCI Audited with Level A and SMETA Audited.

This is how your handmade shoes are made

Our factories

We have chosen our partners' factories based on their attempts to choose techniques and processes that reduce their footprint. There is a focus on quality, passion and know-how so that the shoes last as long as possible.

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Our main focus



Our shoes are made by women for women and named after some of the coolest of them. Our community is involved in the entire design process, from idea to finished shoe, and a close partner in constantly improving comfort. Every year we raise money for an organization that inspires women to stand strong.

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We focus on durable materials, good craftsmanship and high quality, so that our products last for many years. Our factories are all family owned and are some of the best in the world. We work with metal-free, vegetable and chrome-tanned leather, and use approx. 30% Scandinavian hides in the collection.

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Our shoes are made to last for many years, so we facilitate both repairs of your shoes and the resale of pre-loved models, as well as working to create a transparent value chain with QR codes in our hoes that show the shoe's entire journey.

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Our mission is to inspire women to stand strong and take their place in the world. With our Rebels campaigns, we celebrate the women who are not afraid to stand up for themselves and others, and create a community where we lift and inspire others to stand strong.

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