How uncomfortable high-heels affect your body

It's no surprise that most of us adore high-heels! Stilettos lengthen your figure and legs and provide a boost in height. High-heels are empowering, sexy, and elegant, and we love them for that. However, most of us don't realize the serious long-term effects of wearing uncomfortable high-heels. This is why at roccamore we have decided to raise awareness of this issues. Today we will focus on the negative effects of uncomfortable heels on your back.

Uncomfortable high heels don't just affect your feet

Wearing uncomfortable stilettos can result in bruised feet or sprained ankles. It’s also very common for those who wear high heels very often to experience low back, neck, and shoulder pain because the shoes disrupt the natural form of the body.

"The body needs to be centered from head to toe. High heels put the foot at an angle and pull muscles and joints out of alignment, so the effects aren’t limited to the feet,”
- Dr. Sajid A. Surve.

The S-curve shape of the back acts as a shock absorber for the entire body by reducing stress on the vertebrae. Wearing heels causes the lumbar spine to flatten and a posterior displacement of the head and thoracic spine. When wearing high-heels, women naturally lean forward and the body’s response to that is to decrease the forward curve of your lower back to help you keep in line. Muscles are overused, thus back pain occurs.  

Source - 'The Real Harm in High-Heels' American Osteophatic

Why are Roccamore heels different?

Roccamore heels have been validated by scientific research to relieve 26% of pressure from your forefoot, as well as 44% from your foot’s arch while walking.
M.D. Jeannette Penny from Clinical Orthopaedic Research Hospital of Hvidovre tested roccamore heels against both regular stilettos and sneakers – and found the results astonishing!
Roccamore heels are scientifically more comfortable and are made so one can walk as anatomically correct as possible in high heels. Roccamore’s heels are both chic and comfortable.

We have named our tallest roccamore pumps, Penny, after Jeannette.

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When designing a new Roccamore shoe, we start by making a wooden mold to build the shoe around which is also known as a last. Roccamore lasts are mainly created by one of the best last factories in Tuscany, founded in 1966.

First, the shape is cut from a block of wood by hand and then adjusted with a clay-like type of material for minor shifts.

For each adjustment, a prototype is made and tested on Fredericke's feet until the shape is perfect and as comfortable as possible.

Every millimeter makes a difference, and it usually takes 5-6 prototypes to get the right fit.

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