Alberte Purple
Alberte Purple
Alberte Purple
Alberte Purple
Alberte Purple
Alberte Purple
Alberte Purple


Alberte Purple

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Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
3 Recensioner
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Comfort & fit
  • Fit: Regular fit
  • Suede can expand up to 0.5 cm.
  • Heel hight: 9 cm. including 2.7 cm. platform and 2 mm. latex extra in forefoot
  • Handmade in Italy
  • Soft Italian suede 
  • Leather and rubber outsole
  • Antiperspirant textile insole
  • Soft Italian suede tanned by an LWG Gold Certified tannery and sourced from the local area around our factory in Tuscany
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    Meet Alberte Purple

    Alberte Purple is a must-have statement piece in your wardrobe. We're excited to show you the sculptural high-heeled sandal, Alberte Purple. With a super chunky 9 cm heel, 2.7 cm platform, an extra jelly insert in the forefoot and a scientifically validated insole - you're guaranteed all-night comfort. The design is distinctive with an open square toe and the crossed adjustable straps. Alberte Purple sits beautifully on your foot and is ready to dance the night away. 
    The intense purple tone debuts in roccamore - and we love the deep hue of the soft suede. It adapts to your foot and expands up to 0.5 cm. We dream away to fresh lilacs and bright evenings. 
    This is the one we just have to bring to a party.

    Scientifically validated comfort

    Roccamore's sole has been validated by scientific research at Hvidovre Hospital.

    "The orthopaedic stilettos are built with support in the arch and a small cushion that presses up under the forefoot, creating a larger contact area under the entire foot. In this way, you distribute your weight and relieve pressure on the forefoot, among other things"

    - PhD and specialist in orthopaedic surgery at Hvidovre Hospital Jeannette Østergaard Penny.

    Amazing Alberte

    Alberte is named after our Shoelover Alberte Malmgren Hagedorn. In a post about her first pair of roccamore, Alberte says that she used to "not be a shoe collector". That has changed, because Alberte loves roccamore - and we love Alberte! Alberte has shared many great styling posts, and she is so good at seeking and giving help in the Shoelover group. 
    She is a creative soul who has impressed us on several occasions with beautiful wallet ideas for new roccamore designs - including one that is very similar to the Alberte design. 
    Thank you for your commitment, Alberte!

    Are your feet happy in the alberte fit family?


    Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
    Baserat på 3 recensioner
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    3 recensioner
    • BW
      Berit W.
      Verifierad köpare
      Rated 5 out of 5 stars
      Helt fantastiske retro plateau

      Altså da jeg så dem første gang, hvor en shoelover var Content creater, tænkte jeg….. fuck af hvor er de fede ……. Men alt for høje 😳

      Men så prøvede jeg dem og den der høje plateau udligner jo helt fantastisk.

      Og for mig er det der høje retro plateau OG farven, der bare spiller 😁💜👏🏼

      Jeg glæder mig vildt til at lufte dem 😎

      Jeg gik en str ned, som jeg også gjorde i Madeleine Leo

      Min skostørrelse er normalt 39
      Fodtype Jeg har knyster, Jeg har nedsunken forfod, Jeg troede ikke jeg kunne gå i høje hæle
      Hvordan passer skoen?Betygsatt 1.0 på en skala från minus 2 till 2
    • BB
      Britt B.
      Verifierad köpare
      Rated 5 out of 5 stars

      Endelig kom der for alvor en chunky model.

      Jeg ELSKER looket og den kendte komfort.

      Jeg er gået en størrelse op, da de i fronten - i min normale størrelse - er for korte til mine lange tæer. Samtidig har jeg et lille silikone forfodsindlæg - igen så tæer ikke glider frem og ud over kanten foran.

      Min skostørrelse er normalt 38
      Fodtype Min fod er almindelig, Jeg har problemer med mine fødder, Jeg har nedsunken forfod
      Hvordan passer skoen?Betygsatt -1.0 på en skala från minus 2 till 2
    • KS
      Katja S.
      Verifierad köpare
      Rated 5 out of 5 stars

      De er et mesterværk Frederikke. Der er så meget kant i dem, men samtidige super feminine. Nu kan sommeren bare komme an.

      Min skostørrelse er normalt 39.5
      Fodtype Jeg har nedsunken forfod, Min fod er bred
      Hvordan passer skoen?Betygsatt 0.0 på en skala från minus 2 till 2
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