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Maren Sneaker Boot Beige Lavender

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Comfort & fit
  • Heel height: 2.5 cm
  • Fit: regular size - but if you're between sizes, go up a size
  • Good for narrower feet
  • Elastic detail in the shaft
  • Calfskin can be expanded up to 0.2 cm.
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    You have donated 1695 sneakers to the children.

    Give shoes to a child fleeing war

    It's a sad reality that millions of forgotten children near Syria lack access to education.

    That's why Maren Elise Skjerlie and Zarah Kirketerp-Møller founded 5 Schools in 2019. Their simple mission was to build 5 schools with teachers, classrooms and everything needed for a bright future.

    In just a few years, they have achieved an incredible feat by building 16 schools and giving over 1,200 Syrian refugee children a life of play and learning. But they are far from finished! The goal is 25 schools!

    We are inspired by their dedication, which is why for every pair of Maren or Zarah Sneaker Boot sold, we donate a locally made pair of shoes to a school child.

    Join us in our steps towards a brighter future for these children. Together we can make a difference, one child at a time.


    Meet Maren Sneaker Boot Beige Lavender

    A spring shoe with a lavender rubber sole and soft beige leather. The leather is coated and therefore has an extra robust surface that is ideal for the humid weather. Although the material is not waterproof, it easily repels moisture. The fit is ideal for narrower feet, as the leather is firm and slowly expands up to 0.2 cm and adapts to your foot. The navy blue elastic detail in the shaft follows your gait naturally. The discreet heel strap with embroidered roccamore logo makes it easy to slip the boot on and off. You'll experience an incredibly durable, lightweight sneaker boot with a shock-absorbing rubber sole and leather insole for an unmatched comfort experience. Created by our innovative production team in Portugal, these handcrafted sneaker boots combine style, comfort and functionality in the most distinguished way.


    The unique soles of our sneakerboots are made by our Portuguese manufacturing partner Bolflex. Bolflex call them B-light soles.
    Enjoy super lightweight comfort with a sole that weighs just 224 grams. At the same time, it is both resistant and extremely durable.

    Technically, it differs from other sneaker soles by combining the properties of the rubber material with the lightness of EVA foam. Thanks to its shock-absorbing and adaptable properties, EVA is perfect for sneaker soles, and combined with rubber, it is extremely durable. In addition to the Bolflex outsole, our sneaker boots have an antiperspirant leather insole. It also has shock-absorbing features.


    We are very proud of our collaboration with 5 Schools, an NGO founded in 2019 by Maren Elise Skjerlie and Zarah Kirketerp-Mølller. The ambition was simple and very complex: to build 5 schools, complete with teachers, classrooms, education and school buses. 
    To date, the two women have built 16 schools and given over 1,200 Syrian refugee children a life of play and learning. That's why our sneakers are named after these two impressive women. 
    We're excited about the project, and every time we sell a pair of sneakers, we donate a pair of locally produced shoes to a school child. Because as Maren and Zarah say: "We can't change the world, but we can change the world of each individual child."

    Maren is a school teacher who traveled to the Syrian border to create teaching materials about refugee children, which she passed on to Danish students. But behind her, she left the Syrian children with their biggest dream "to go to school". That's why she started 5 Schools.

    Are your feet happy in the Sneaker fit family?


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      Karoline T.
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      Rated 5 out of 5 stars
      Et foårshit

      Jeg er superglad for den lavendelfarvede sål. Jeg kunne godt have ønsket mig en lidt lysere beige farve, men de to farver passer godt sammen og sneaken er dejlig at gå med. Den passer lige til det forår, som må være lige på trapperne.

      Min skostørrelse er normalt 41
      Fodtype Min fod er bred, Jeg har problemer med mine fødder
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