Roccamore's guide to high heels in the summer

Summer heat and high heels can be a killer combination - and not in a cool way! So, we have gathered the best tips to protect your summer shoes. Here's how to prevent unwanted sweating and sliding around all day in your shoes to stay classy and comfortable throughout the day.

Baby Powder

Baby powder is a summer heat must. Baby powder absorbs sweat, prevents sliding, and keeps feet fresh. Apply it all over the feet, including in between the toes, and let it stick to your skin. It's also important to apply it inside of the shoe on the sole and the sides. Make sure to place tissues on the top of the heels to protect the leather from the powder. Ideally, it's best to apply every 3 hours in the high heat, but that might be tricky. Applying it every now and then, when there is time, is just fine.

Let Them dry

It's important to allow shoes to dry thoroughly before wearing them again. If possible, try to not wear the same shoes every day; give them a chance to air out. It's good to let them air for 24 hours rather than putting them on the shelves or in the boxes immediately after getting home.

Good deodorant

This tip applies to all seasons, but it's important to spray your feet with deodorant, particularly in summertime, before you put your favorite heels on. It's best to use a deodorant made specifically for feet, but if you don't have one, your regular deodorant will do as well.

Double-sided tape

To be sure you won't slide in your heels at an important event, it's good to buy some double-sided paper tape. Paste it around the bottom and sides of the shoes to secure your feet, and you're ready to dance!
We also recommend roccamore leather insoles to keep your feet in place.

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Walk it out

Last, but not least! it's always good to walk shoes out for a few days before an event or occasion where they'll be used all day or night. Heat or no heat, the best thing to do for your feet is to wear soft heels adjusted to your foot anatomy.

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